Fired Up Food Marketing


About our great company

We are the people who know what you’re talking about!

The food marketing specialists, uniquely positioned to understand your business and get you results.  We do the things we do best, so you can do the same! 

Drawing on decades of experience in food & beverage and event management with high level marketing, design and communications expertise, Flambé is your go to solution for all your digital marketing needs.

Food (and drink) is an adventure, it’s the new rock ‘n’ roll, the new black, the future and the past all served up one plate at a time.  Whatever your food passion there is an audience, from sandwiches to sausages, from haute cuisine to hot pot.  

Our mission is simple, we find your people and bring them to you!  

There are six things every great cafe and restaurant should have to succeed.  Food is only one of them.

Our team have decades of experience as eaters, drinkers, purveyors of quality marketing and hospitality.  With insight into small business, large business and into the future of marketing in an ever more complex media landscape.  More importantly we want our team to win!  Put us in your team and just see what we can do!