Fired Up Food Marketing


Our modest list of services

The perfect recipe.

We have digital marketing solutions to fit your business and budget.  We present your food and your brand to your audience using tried and tested strategies combined with custom content creation to put value into your digital media.


Regular email contact, from a database you own, with people who want to engage with you, is still one of the most effective  marketing tools available. We can help set up and mange this powerful marketing tool.


A picture speaks a thousand words and after kittens, food is the most photographed thing on the internet.  Good photography is critical to represent your product.


All social media platforms give better coverage to video.  It is now an essential part of your digital marketing strategy and helps reach further for less.


A good website is the calling card for your business. 8 out of 10 potential new diners will check out your website when deciding whether to eat with you for the first time.


One of the biggest challenges and time bandits for any business' on-line marketing activity is creating fresh, dynamic and interesting copy, day after day, across all relevant channels.  


Facebook has become the beating digital heart of local customers.  Creating regular and engaging and representative posts is the very least required for healthy marketing .


Instagram is the public picture book for your great food photos and videos.  Providing a perfect platform to showcase what you do to a wider audience.


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website easy to find for your customers and those you would like to be your customers.